Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Know It's Bad When

You look up from your workout mat and the pregnant woman across the way is doing better than you.

Seriously. Between wiping off the dripping amount of sweat, a la Biggest Loser style, and pretending like you're not going to faint, it's always a great reminder that the preggo lady is in better shape than you.

The only relief you have is that your tall skinny friend next to you is struggling just as much with those two pound weights.  Yeah, you hear me. 2 LBS.

Satisfaction is finally found when you remember that in a few months you will have a more tone tummy than cute little preggo. Ugh...fine. You'll probably have the same looking stomach, she'll just have a better excuse.

But I can have wine after my workout! BOOYAH!

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