Monday, August 29, 2011

Hi, It's Been A While

So I've been informed a few times by my sister that I haven't updated the bliggity blog lately. Well, let's just say I've been playing catch up for the past few weeks.  I'm catching up with friends, catching up on DVR'd shows ( many new ridiculous ones to watch, hello Most Eligible Dallas), catching up on reading blogs, and catching up on eating.

Okay, so catching up on blogs probably sounds geekish, and considering I had over 300 posts to read, it could mean I'm either a nerd who reads lots of blogs, or I've been busy.  I'm going to go with the latter.  And as the eating....I don't know who those people are who always say, "Gosh, I'm just so busy I haven't had time to eat."

I'm going to go ahead and call a big BS on that one. As busy as I was last week, I somehow found time to eat.  Whether it was the, ahem, donut in the breakroom or the quick sushi pick up from the market, I always found time to eat. Or at least my stomach made sure that I knew when I had gone a bit too long to eat.

Other than catching up, our lives have been crazy with trips to Chicago, work craziness and a little bit of all things random. So while I probably have a lot to catch you up on, I'll just start with this. I'm NOT pregnant.

Apparently I've had a few hints suggesting that I was knocked up.  My sister informed me last week that my female parts were looking quite large. And I just thought those comments came from my husband. But I informed her that the little secret of Victoria is what make the voom in my va va voom. That and horizontal stripes.

I should start learning that horizontal stripes are not a good look on me. But I digress. My other mistake on the baby route was letting Facebook know what was on my mind.  I had graciously informed my "Friends" that there was something in that Tri Delta water...with a few of my sorority sisters preggers.  Well, much to my surprise, when your family all "Likes" your status, it should be a bad sign.

So hello again blog land! And no, I'm not pregnant....just eating lots of donuts...and maybe some cookies...and some other crap that my healthy husband doesn't approve of.  Oh well....back to the grind.


  1. Ha! People are always asking if I am preggers. At least it helps me get to the gym!

  2. Ok a few said you are busy catching up with friends. Am I not your friend??? UH hello!!

    YOu not drinking any wine at a get together also screams BABY BAKING!!!!!

    I agree 100% with the "I am so busy I forgot to eat!" The only thing I think about is when I get to eat next. Oh and maybe when I should feed the vultures (aka my darling kids)

    Miss you!!!!