Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Sweet Tooth

Well it's been a week and a couple of days since I finished boot camp.  Apparently my sweet tooth got the memo and has now been invading my thoughts on a daily basis. Yep, this thing is out of control! I even bought cereal and devoured it - something I hadn't done for almost 12 weeks.

I told Tony I was a Snackasaurus the other day and proceeded to live up to that name throughout the afternoon in the form of cookies. Which ultimately led to me throwing out candy from our cabinet, obviously not the good Godiva dark chocolate I got for Christmas, but the other candy. Um, I don't know if you've heard but a piece of dark chocolate a day is good for your heart. I'll also say that three cookies, a brownie and some ice cream is good for making your pants tighter - but that didn't stop me.  Just another reason I like to live in my workout pants.

But I'm getting back on track - after throwing out candy I made sure to not pig out on cereal - except for Sunday...yes, I did use the excuse that I would start on Monday.  And surprisingly I did! However I wasn't able to get into some morning workout classes and now I'm just off for the day.  Or it may be the cold I'm getting - it's hard to tell which is making me winded when I walk up the stairs, although the cold has extra points because I almost broke out into a sweat.

So I had my fun week - but it's back to heavy duty - with new running shoes and a new scale to threaten me  keep me on track every morning, its a do-over. Of course Tony has joined me, as he wants to keep up with his skinny wife now....what? His words, not mine, swear!

Okay, well he wants to get back into his fitness. And if you know Mr. Fitness like I do, it means this:

"Babe, I think I'm going to go no carbs again."

Which normally would have been met with a groan from me - which he usually catches. However this time I told him I would support him any way possible.  Yep - I even got up this morning and made him breakfast sans bread.  I may not do his laundry, but at least I keep him fed!

Plus, he said he was only going to do it until his birthday, which is a few weeks away.  Plus, he did have to live with me while I was a sweat monster (seriously, like I stepped out of the shower), did double workouts and kept showing off my newly found muscles, which occasionally led to a hand cramp...don't ask...still don't know how I did that.

So please come and visit our household - where we are breadless, candiless, sweaty, over-the-top workouters. It's a joy really.

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  1. When I lived with Rachel and Sol, it was kind of always like this. I kept trying the same things that worked for me, Rachel ran a million miles and Sol would have successful spurts of WHATEVER. Which means I lived through no sugar (Sol only) twice. And he's on P90x now and I'm glad I don't live there.