Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who is Auntie Cait's Friend?

Well, it's out there. Or rather, out in Facebook world. My before and after pictures from my Weight Loss Boot Camp through Fusion Fitness. I'm thankful for all the nice posts that friends and even strangers have wrote on the picture - and as I told some of my other WLBCampers, I didn't really see the change until the picture came. Yes, I felt so much better, my clothes fit better and I could actually do a plank pike up on the stability ball during class. But I didn't really "see" the changes.  And whoa mama, could I ever after my WLBC leader sent them to me.

I mean, Tony kept saying he could see the difference, especially in my boobs (sorry Dad), he made sure to tell me that area had changed a lot, but I admit that I was a little crazed and kept looking at what else I needed to work on. But I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't proud - I am so proud. I'm thankful that I missed only a few workouts - which were intense  - and proud that I really grasped the eating.

But I'm sure you're probably wondering why I did this and maybe have some questions.  I obviously took the liberty to make up these questions I thought you were thinking and here you go:

What made you commit to this?
It was a 12 week commitment - 12 workouts a week for 12 weeks. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well at times it was, I found myself at the gym or at Fusion more than I was at home - I lived there - but Shawna, my leader made sure to remind us that this is not typical. That it would be okay to give your body a rest - it needs it! But I knew I could push myself to do my workouts, not only because I felt so much better after completing a workout, but I actually felt healthier. So I committed to this program because I knew I could do it - and I needed to make myself healthier, and happier. I was tired of the Oprah arms (sorry O) and tired of letting my spare tire hang down around my pants, that were getting a little too snug.

Twelve workouts in a week? Are you nuts?
Yes. 12 - yes, yes I am nuts.  I actually found myself enjoying a double workout.  And now, a few days out, I think I'll go back to some double workouts every once in a while.  Not only to keep myself in check, but also to push myself a little harder.

What did you eat?
I ate normal, healthy foods. I cut out sugar (or as much as possible), cheese- for more than one reason and even now I limit that intake, and alcohol - or most of it, and no, I don't miss it that much. I kept eating carbs - but kept them limited and healthy (think whole wheat), I added more fruits, more vegetables and even tried things like quinoa and lentils. Foods that I thought would be disgusting, I actually loved. I also kept eating oatmeal - it's my morning staple.  And although I did try PB2 instead of peanut butter, it was just okay - I'm a peanut butter addict, so I made sure to keep that small.

How much did you eat?
I ate quite a lot actually - three full meals and two snacks.  They gave us a calorie intake number to stick to, and for the most part, I was able to do it.  Yes, I did have my nights of eating more than I should, or not the best thing for me, but at those times I figured I was working out twice a day, one cornbread muffin wouldn't kill me - but I made sure the next day I watched what I ate and ate better. I didn't let one little slip up deter me for the rest of the week. It was hard - do you know how many food commercials, treats and everything else looked so good??!

Were you a calorie counter?
Yes! And thinking that I couldn't be, or that it would be too hard, I wasn't excited about counting my calories. But I stuck with and it's so easy.  I can see what I'm eating and how much it really is - and yes, I'm that person now that checks the menus of restaurants - but LoseIt makes it easier because they have a ton of restaurants in their database.  I'm still doing it, as now it's a healthy habit! 

How did you handle the holidays?
We had our boot camp over Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Um, talk about HARD! But it also kept me accountable - I could have a little bit of my favorite holiday meals, and not pig out. So that's what I did - a little spoonful of that broccoli cheese casserole and I was content. Plus, Tony and I go to about 34 different places on Holidays, so I was able to keep my meals small. And for Halloween, well we live in the ghetto and don't get Trick-or-Treaters so there was no need for candy in our house.

So you're saying you didn't drink? Are you pregs?
I did have a few beverages - I kept the wine to a minimum, well except for New Years (and I paid for that, which was a great reminder), and really stuck to Vodka or a light beer. The only other exception was a trip to Manhattan, and even then I didn't drink too much - and worked out the next day.  And NO, not pregs

Now that you're done, are you going to binge?
Well, no. But I will admit that my group enjoyed a Skinny Margarita to celebrate afterward. And I might have had a couple of cookies at my moms house with an amazing piece of bread. But I feel so much better after I don't eat a bunch of crap. I have probably the worst sweet tooth, but I've learned to manage it - and if I have a little something sweet, to enjoy it, and then make sure I counteract it with something a little healthier the next day.  But I've also found that celebrating my successes feel better with new workout top rather than an ice cream're wondering who I am now, aren't you? Poor Tony, I just up my "reward" prices!

When do you workout?
I've become a morning worker outer. Weird coming from the girl who presses snooze 287 times in the morning! But I love getting up, even when its 16* out and getting my sweat on. Plus, on days when I don't choose to do a second workout, I'm done - except for Wednesday nights - I can't miss Jackie's class....I think she would make me do all the advance moves the next week!

Are you done with weight loss? What's next?
I am not done with my weight loss - while I've come a long way, I still have a goal for myself and I am going to keep myself accountable. My WLBC group is an amazing group of women who inspire me to keep going - and even past participants are there to encourage us when we are struggling, and our leader Shawna and all of the ladies at Fusion are there to help us and make sure we meet our goals. I have set my mind on a number, and while my experience with the scale was a bit of a struggle, I know I can meet it my goal.  Up next? Well, Fusion classes of course! I also have found my love for running again - maybe some road races - especially if I can convince some of my boot campers to join me!

So there it is - I now have finished my Weight Loss Boot Camp - and although my journey isn't over, I'm excited and proud of myself and all the other ladies for what we have accomplished.  I think if anyone is questioning whether or not they should do it, I would say YES!!! Yes, life gets in the way, but putting your health first is so important.

And now, I have extra motivation - not to become the girl in my before picture ever again. Especially when my 4 year old nephew asked who my "friend" was in my picture. Well, I'm saying good bye to that old friend and hello to the new me - healthier, happier and 12.8 lbs lighter!
Auntie Cait's friend is long gone!


  1. Caitlyn, you look amaaaaaaazing!!! A few of my friends do fusion, and LOVE it! Unfortunately none of the class times work for me, not even 5:45am!, boo!! I wonder if the dvd they sell is worth it?? Any ideas?? You look great and are really an inspiration! Great job!! :)

    1. Hey Amber! Well thank you - there was a lot of sweat left on the floor at Fusion! I got the DVD and then my sister took it from me so I got another! I have only done it once, but Courtney told me that it's tough and I agree. I was definitely sweating it up while doing it! I'd say if you can get it - DO - it's great!

  2. FRIEND!!!! You look so great! Keep up the good work! You are truly inspiring! xoxo