Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting Part Three...ish

Yesterday I got to pick up and babysit two of my nephews.  I felt pretty lucky since usually it's my parents who get to be the superheroes of the day - and have entertaining stories to tell about the boys. But luckily, my sister called me last week and asked if I would pick up her boys, I immediately said yes.  And immediately after remembered I had to steal my parents car seats....and remember how to install them.  That part is where brothers who have babies come in handy - I feel like it gives them bonding time.

So I rolled around town with some car seats - which for a person who never has car seats in their car is shocking when checking your blind spot - until it was time to pick up the men.  Of course I brought snacks....had to be reminded and steal snacks from Nana's house, but I brought them...instant hit.  And since I've seen what their car seats look like, I gently reminded them not to spill their yogurt covered raisins, cause Uncle Tony doesn't like messes. They both laughed at me.

If you've never driven with L & M, you're missing a great time.  We look at "choo choos," let me know that M loves this song, point out the Little Cesar's pizza place, and tell me things that I still can't understand...which is why I say "What?" a lot when I'm around them. Don't blame me for their repeating skills.
I like to put them to work when I babysit....too bad that mower is plastic.
We made it home, dinner plans made - and not the pizza L pointed out so easily. Upon entering the house we were met with a pleasant surprise..a sick dog. Not fun for anyone we partook in a fun evening of bike riding, wagon racing, kennel cleaning fun. L helped me with the hose, after telling me the mud piles were fun...I nixed that idea rather quickly, while M repeated the following: "Wriggs caca, eww, yuck, eww, wriggs caca, yuck." Between gagging and laughing, we cleaned....and promptly left the kennel outside ...sorry Court.

Uh, wrong thing to water, but A for effort.
After our outdoor cleaning fun, dinner was my specialty - fish sticks and mac and cheese.  I would like to add those two items to my following list of things I make well.  If you are wondering what that list is, please see below:

  • Quesadilla
  • Toast
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Fish sticks
  • Mac and cheese
Watch out Rachel Ray, I'm catching up to you.

The best thing about our dinner - the boys ate it up...literally, they ate everything. I guess holding them back from snacks really helps. I mean I did have to bargain with L for cheez-its. Apparently 5 of those small square crackers seems like a lot...if only I could convince my stomach of that as well.

I like safety, but I did not make them wear their helmets....I just laughed at them.
Post - dinner we caught up on everything cartoon...Mickey, Chuggington, some weird show with talking walrus' and more Chuggington.  If you didn't know that Chuggington also contains some fire safety lessons, you were mistaken...although I'm also now convinced that trains talk and can jump up and down.

So far...so good, yes minor caca incident, but both boys were relatively clean, fed and willingly put on their jammies. Piece of cake.
This one stood still long enough...the other one said no and ran.
Of course, I've never been so tired in my life and immediately fell asleep and wanted to throw my phone out the window when the alarm went off this morning.

But we all survived....the boys, Wriggs, and I - lucky for me they said all good things about our adventure....I'll keep going with it until they really start repeating things.
Wriggs survived last night...and tonight he had to wear a diaper. Ew yuck.

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