Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Friday Facts

I realized Monday that I didn't post my Five Friday Facts... and to think I was on a roll.  Don't worry - I'm not giving you double the amount.  I would like say that it's because I don't you want to spend too much of your time reading this blog, but really it's because I could barely think of 5 last time, so 10 would be a doozy. Anywho...Happy Friday to you and yours!

1. My friend texted with a desperate plea to have a wine night since her hubby was ditching her for the second night in a row.  Who am I to turn that down? Wine with friends, yes please.

2. I attempted to use my manual and only manual settings on my camera for one of our work events.  While editing, I realized that I have a lot to practice on - but I stuck with it and had fun. And now that I have another work event on Saturday morning, I have more time to practice.  Tony better be ready to buy another memory card for me.

3. I have been asked multiple times while holding a baby if I'm "getting my practice in." While it takes every effort I have not to be snarky to the person who posed that question to me, I respond with, "nope, just holding a baby."  Awesome. Of course the snarky in my would like to respond in one of the following ways:
"Yep, gotta make sure my arms are strong enough not to drop our future children too many times."
"Why? Are you getting in your practice of eating? Is that why you're clinging to that cookie for dear life?"
or even
"What?!? I'm holding a baby??? Crap, ugh, does anyone have any baby wipes?? I can't be holding a baby yet....I'm not a mother!!!!"
 Would that last one be too dramatic?

4. Our house has only been shown a few times.  Do you know how annoying it is to try and keep your house clean between showings?  I think I ate my words as I told my mom a week ago that it wasn't too hard.  When Tony got home yesterday I believe his words were "Holy dishes!"  I might be paraphrasing since I was not there, but I'm positive that's how it went. I need a maid....and for my house to sell.

5.  I actually enjoy the new Justin Bieber song.  Yes....I dance to it in my car when no one is watching....or people might be watching, I can't help myself though...once those shoulders start shaking it's had to stop. Which may sound like I'm having convulsions or something...I'm not, I'm shimmy-ing....which is not a word, but it's Friday and that is how my mind works lately. So next time you see me dancing in the car, it's probably to some J.Beebs.  Don't judge....I've probably seen your taste in music.

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