Thursday, May 17, 2012

When you don't have kids....

You buy your dog birthday gifts.  Yep - our "baby" turned three today or 21 in dog years. So instead of buying him shots, we bought him treats from the Brookside Barkery.

Spoiled? You betcha! And we're not ashamed to admit it - for now, he is our only baby - and we like it that way! So we spoil him with treats and Leo the Lizard...which he has already ripped open in the 5 minutes...and Tony will be taking away in 7 minutes, and take videos and pictures of him enjoying his 21st....err 3rd birthday.

You've been warned...we don't have kids, we have a dog....this is what happens.

Birthday Boy

A lizard, a cake, and some stick walk into a bard.....oh wait.

Patiently waiting

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