Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Friday Facts

Thank goodness it's Friday. While I wish there was some good ABC Family Friday night shows, like Family Matters....I'll deal and probably indulge in a glass of wine...or two. We'll see, until I let you know for sure that I did have that glass of wine, I'll just give you Five Friday Facts.

1. There is a sign in our yard that states our house is for sale...exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. We already had one showing the day, yes, the day it went up and I think that got our hopes up a little too quickly.  We're hoping this weekend will be a great one for people to get out and search for their new home...until then, we'll be making our bed every day, make sure dishes aren't in the sink and vacuuming like crazy...waiting for our next showing.

2. I convinced Tony to drive me to get Orange Leaf frozen yogurt last night. While we've both told each other that we are going to do a no sugar month of May, I was in a war with PMS, and PMS won. You can't fight it - and luckily Tony knew what would happen if that beast was not tamed.  It was delicious...I was even really good and didn't fill the whole thing up..just half.

3. Today I'm walking like I just got off a horse. My workout the past few days have given my rear end a run for it's money. Hopefully it's money said to give it a lift.

4. We're currently using a college style shower caddy for our shower things right now.  While we once had all of our shower stuff in a stand up rack thing, our stager told us to take everything out so we could have it empty. Shower caddy under the sink it is. So far it hasn't been bad...I'm thankful that at least she didn't tell us to wear shower shoes.

5. This will come as a shocker to many, but since Tony told me that we had to be on a budget and I couldn't spend any money - I've only spent about $15 on something new (besides groceries and Orange Leaf). This is big....every day that I get emails about deals and things, I look through, sulk and tell Tony that I am dying to go shopping, and then promptly delete them.  Making sure to not go beyond the budget.  It's, so painful.

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