Friday, April 30, 2010

Rapunzel...let down your hair

It's been no surprise to any of my family or friends that I've had some pretty bad haircuts in my life. Let's see, I grew up with the bob when I was little, then I had a mullet in high school, oh and braces at that time - the boys were all knocking on my door!
In college, I let it grow a little longer, then as I have done in the past, chosen to chop it all off. And after one horrible experience, i.e. my friends did not tell me until a few years ago how bad it really was, I've let it grow. And boy has it grown. I mean, at this point it's past my bra line and gives me a little bit of trouble. Examples of trouble you ask? Okay, let me point some out....and yes, these are my real life examples.

1. I my hair caught in my armpit while I was putting on deodorant. I was able to deodorize my hair.2. It actually whips me in the face if I am doing any sort of exercise, to the point that it actually stings.3. It gets caught in my shirts, my pants, and yes, even my underwear. Even this morning I found long hairs on the toilet seat from my hair. Sorry, it's gross - I'm being real here people!
4. I've been loving the teased look lately, however when I am in the process of making big, beautiful hair, I look like a loin. Granted, when my hair is in curly mode and its humid, I look like a lion. Roar, baby Roar.
5. It seems to be a thing of fascination for my nephews and Tyson. It's also a tool for them to use when they stick their hands or paws on it and pull or just stand on (that's for Tyson - give me a little credit here)
But you're probably asking, 1. Caitlin, where is this blog post going, or 2. why don't you just cut your hair.
Well, for one thing, I'm not sure where this post is going, I think I am just having word vomit today. But I am finally getting my haircut after going a few months - let's just say I'm not a good client for my fab hair stylists, Meggie, and I like to tease Tony and even my friends about what I am going to do with my long, mane hair.
But cutting my hair is a surprising, um, let's say conversation between Tony and I. I like to tease him and tell him I'm cutting it to my chin, and then I get a look like, WTH? Or a "seriously, I mean, do whatever you want babe, but I'm no a fan of short hair."

But he has a point, I've had some seriously bad short hair. So tonight, I'll probably just get a trim. Because at this point, I don't think I could short hair - I've been accustomed to deodorizing my hair. And I have to say, I enjoy having it wave in the wind - the knots that come afterward, not so much.
Plus, keeping it long for the wedding will probably allow me to do this:

Or even this:

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