Monday, April 19, 2010

Even boys get excited

This blog sort of started from our web page, since I had fun writing the story of our engagement and the proposal, I figured blogging would be fun too. As for what this is going to turn into, I have no idea. But I also didn't have a clue that even boys looked at our knot page!

Anywho. This weekend we had some friends of Tony's in town and were happy to spend some time with them. And I was able to find out that boys do care if they are asked to be in a wedding or not! Yes, it's true, boys have feelings too. As our page on the knot has information about all of my bridesmaids, I only had Tony's best man on there - thus far. Mainly because he was trying to figure out who were going to be ushers and who were going to be groomsmen. Contrary to popular belief, he is only have 9 groomsman because he is holding a spot for his good friend Steve, who passed away a few years ago. And I think it's pretty neat that even though he will not be there in person with us, he will be remembered. Yes, bring on the tears - it gets me every time!

So, Tony has been trying to figure out who will be in this gigantic wedding of ours - and yes he's been having a harder time than I did. He's made lists even! And lets just say I'm not the only one to blame on the size of this wedding - I think he would have had a more difficult time if I only had three people!

Anyway, Tony has done some asking, but not all. But he did ask his friend this weekend and Billy was more than happy to be asked! I told him he couldn't be weird and wear a costume to the church, but allowed him to wear his costume at the reception. But as Tony and Billy walked away, I was chatting with Billy's GF, and she was telling me he was getting concerned if he was going to be asked. Which I think is kind of sweet. I mean here are these guys who just stand up in an uncomfortable suit, horrible shoes and then have to give it back! At least my girls can shorten their dress and wear it again! ; )

But what mad me laugh even more, was the fact they were about look up on our page of who I had put on Tony's list! Let me tell you, it made me giggle at the fact that boys are just as curious to know who is in a wedding, just as much as the girls!

Now if only I can have Tony finish his asking so I can update our page! So slow this man is!

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