Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dancing Lessons Needed

Tony has been into watching Dancing With The Stars this reason. I like to think it's because I enjoy watching it and he wants to enjoy watching mindless TV with me, (I have been able to get him to watch Real Housewives of the OC - oh yeah) and to also learn a few steps for our first dance.

But no. I think he mostly wanted to watch it for Erin Andrews and so far, he has enjoyed the costumes, or shall I say lack there of. I mean, he was actually sad when Edyta was kicked off, or rather her celebrity partner. The girl wore as little clothing as she could, and don't get me wrong, she has a bangin' bod. One that makes me think I should start dancing for hours upon hours of the day. However, I also realize I have zero rhythm and two left feet - and mainly dance with my hips, so that's always awkward.

But as in all of my posts, I digress - so Tony and I are watching DWTS and I have day dreaming moments of us floating across the dance floor, big cheesy grins on our faces and me just twirling like a princess- and of course there will be dips.

Then I remember that Tony also has little rhythm, has a whole elbow thing going on and then the occasionally pooch of the lips with the thumbs. Ah yes, the thumbs, like he's trying to catch a cab. (obviously I've never hailed a cab, since you probably have to use your entire arm rather than a random thumb).

So ladies and gents, please be sure to get out your cameras, as our first dance will be quite the entertainment. Between my twirling by myself, and Tony pooching and thumb dancing, we will start off our marriage with little to no rhythm. Be excited.

Our first dance is not the only one I have to worry about - I also have to figure out what the Major and I will dance too. (Side note, my high school friends and some college have called my dad the Major or Chief since they have known me, I will go with it - its entertaining.)

However I will think that he will be worried about it too, because that's all he could think of when my sister was getting married. Let's just say he pulled his booty together and she has a fabulous picture of being twirled with her train flowing outward. And yes, I did just use booty as a reference to my dad. Stop judging me.

So until we get closer to the wedding, decide on a song and keep Tony's thumbs inward, I will be moving on from my obsession with buying diet books is slowing turning into buying workout videos. So far, P90x is going well, however the makers of this fabulous program also make the Brazil Butt Lift. Oh yeah, just for my ghetto booty.

I need this workout video. Maybe it will help with my dancing. But probably not.

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