Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bridesmaids Can Be Dangerous

I had a mini bridezilla moment this past weekend. Well, I blame two of my BM's who were there to witness it - yes Sara DJ and Lauren, I'm talking to you!

It all started with their dress fittings at Bridal Extraordinaire. Sara DJ was in town for the Taylor Swift concert and some family stuff, so perfect opportunity to get her fitted for the dresses. Especially since I called the place and the lady told me I was way behind on getting my information in for the girls' dresses to get in the store - oh in time for our wedding that is 7 MONTHS AWAY?? Okay, we'll go with it - so my lovely BM's got a great e-mail from me saying that they had to get in ASAP to get fitted - my poor prego BM's.
Back to Sara & Lauren, who were already there when I arrived. I only went to make sure I still like the dresses on someone before all the girls got them - that could have been bad if I didn't like them. Sign 1 that Bridesmaids can be dangerous - I could hear them over the vacuum upstairs. Yep, they were having such a good time prancing around and "shaking their tail feathers" that I almost didn't want to interrupt. Until I saw Lauren had her camera out, so I knew it was a photo shoot waiting to happen.

And that was just trying on the actual BM dress. The fun really started when they looked through and found an outfit for my mom, and Lauren's new dress for any other wedding she'll go to this year.Yes Mom - this pant suit via Sara is what they think you should wear for the wedding. Obviously it fit Sara really well.

Then the lady who worked there came over. Whoops. That was a definite sign that dress up time was over. Her thought bubble: "Stupid girls, stop playing dress up, this is not your play room!. Geez." You could almost see that she wanted to say it immediately.

But success! They both got their dresses and hopefully happy with their choices. So where does Dangerous moment #2 come in? Well that also involves these two. You see, they had already been out and about that morning to look for shoes I had finally decided on the previous night. I know, it was one of the few things I didn't have done back in February. Don't judge.

They had already been to one Off Broadway store to find the purple ruffle shoes and of course, they have every other color in ever size, except purple. Grrr. But there was another store we were going to venture to that day.

Yep - they have very FEW sizes of the purple shoe. Panic sunk in. So I bought three pairs of shoes for the girls. And then Sara had a nice little tid bit of information that helped me in my bridezilla moment. She said they could order some for me. WOOO HOOOO! So creepily, I had all of their shoes sizes - let the ordering begin!

Of course it was the busiest time I had ever seen Off Broadway, literally three lines of tons of people! Really?! You all had to buy shoes on that Friday at that time?? But we waited anyway- while they both told me stories of how they each bought a ton of shoes and well, Sara bought three different shoes for ALL of her bridesmaids. And I mean, she had each of our shoe size in each style. And not going to lie, I thought about buying another color of the shoes just in case. Crazy. I mean who buys a bunch of shoes in all different sizes?

Whoops, sorry Sara! : )

But the line finally died down, the girls helped me figure out which shoe sizes to get and theses shoes, which should be made of GOLD, are coming from places like St. Louis, Colorado and the like. So ladies, you may not have traveled, but your shoes have!

Mini-bridezilla moment over. And I totally blame those two - dangerous BM's.

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