Thursday, April 8, 2010

No One Likes An April Fools Joke....

Especially brides. However Tony did not get that memo. Instead he sent me a sweet little text and told me our DJ was going out of business. Crap. Are you kidding?? He a pretty good DJ - Side story - I obviously should check out my facts before I say dumb things. Example:

Lauren: Cait, you should totally use my DJ. I loved him!
Me: Yuck, no, I hated your DJ.
Jen: Awkward silence....ouch
Lauren: Um, ok, well I guess that's out then.
Me: I mean, he played good music, but gave me 'tude when I asked for a certain song. But this DJ we are using is great, he played great music at our other friends' wedding. His name is Rusty.
Lauren: Our DJ's name was Rusty, what company is he from?
Me: I don't know, but there are probably more than one DJ named Rusty in Kansas City.


Open mouth, insert foot.

But back to Tony, and his decision to play a prank on an emotional bride.
He was more worried about getting the deposit back, or rather acted like it. And just as I was about to tell Lauren this fabulous DJ was going out of business, Tony let me know that it was all his little plan for April Fools. Rude.

Meanwhile, I got a little phone call from my brother yesterday telling me that he laughed out loud at my post yesterday - but for different reasons. He wanted to know if I knew what BM could also stand for....well G, this is for you:
BM =
Bongo Mongo
Bouncy Moon
Better Mood
Blue Moon...mmmm....
Booger Moocos
Blueberry Muffin
Blue Moose

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