Friday, April 9, 2010

Some call it stalking

In an effort to get ideas and reminders of what else I need to get done for the wedding. So I look at people's pictures on Facebook, photography blogs, and well when people are tagged in other peoples pictures, sometimes I look at them. Yep, it's kind of stalkerish.

But I look anyway. I mean if they have it posted, its supposed to be look at...right?

So from this stalking, well, lets call them "viewings," I have found my colors for the wedding, hair ideas as well things not to do. Sorry - I said it, I judge. Who doesn't, okay well probably most people. Its a flaw, but at least I admit it.

Hello, my name is Caitlin and I am a judger.

Needless to say, my new "viewings" are for what type of outfits I'm going to wear for the engagement pictures. Which are only 6 weeks away - yikes - the serious diet begins today. Right after I finish these last two peanut butter cups. Dang it.

But I'm thinking I'm going to be skinny enough in these pictures to wear a bikini. But I realize now that this might be odd and then other people will judge me. Whatev, my Gram has always said, if you got it, flaunt it! But she probably didn't mean that for pictures we'll have for the rest of our lives. Okay Gram, I'm listening to you!

You may be asking, why Caitlin are you worried about an outfit 6 weeks ahead? Well actually because Tony brought up the conversation last night. And it was all about a horrible picture that showed up magically on Facebook.Yikes. I mean really?! Even Tony was like, "Babe...what happened? You usually look so good in pictures. I mean, what's going on with your hair, and why are you so pale?!?"

Awesome. Makes me feel so good. But I will like to say, I didn't have great luck with my hair, I'm sitting next to the tannest girl in the world! So mean. And apparently I need to get some major work done before our pictures.

So Tony now has asked if I am going to work on my picture taking abilities for our engagement pictures. But don't worry, he also asked if we were taking a lot of pictures, because he hates the way he looks in them. I have this strange feeling he's going to ask our photographer to look at the pictures after she takes them to check out his look.

Let's just say we should practice taking pictures before the actual event, or else our fabulous photog will end our session quickly.

She may also need to do some photo shopping on me. And maybe Tony.

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