Monday, April 26, 2010

Craig's List

We're counting down the days until the wedding, which also means the time that Tony's house will become "OUR HOUSE." Dun, dun, duh!

The funniest questions I seem to get a lot, and mostly from my girlfriends, because I highly doubt Tony gets these questions from his buddies: So do you like the house? Do you have to re-decorate the whole thing? Do you like his style?

Um, how do I answer these. Yes; That's debatable; Again, we're not on the same page, but maybe reading the same book.

You see, Tony bought this house a few years ago, almost right after we started dating, and his "bachelor ways" weren't fully entailed, since I told, I mean gave suggestions, of what to buy and how to furnish. However, he did most of the buying and installing of pictures, mirrors, lamps, and of course the great rug debate. The boy could not go past a rug store without going in to buy at least three, not liking any of them, and then taking them back. And you thought I was indecisive.

And yes, he has pretty good style, but it's very boy-y. Hence the big fluffy couches -which are great for naps, tempting for dogs, and fun for babies to bounce on - and the large square lamps. Don't get me wrong, he did great, but he knows I would like to put my "feminine touch" on some of the rooms.

Ba ha hahahahahaha!

Just kidding, I won't go that crazy on decorating, but I have been able to convince him which paint colors to choose for the spare bedroom and bath -which made us the typical married couple on Saturday. Taping, painting, touching it up, dropping paint on the floor, cleaning the floor, stepping in paint, and admiring our work.

But after admiring our work, he actually, finally, asked me what I would like to change about the styling of his house. SUCCESS! I don't have to sneakily try to change things little by little. Just kidding babe - it's our decision, together. ; )

So I gave my suggestions, and he took them like a champ. Somethings I'll probably have to work on a little more, and it might be along registry day, but it's working.

At our celebratory dinner that night, obviously to Jalapenos, we then were talking about what furniture I have. Then it came: Why don't you just sell your couch on CraigsList.

All of a sudden, my eyes began to well up, I'm pretty sure the chip I was holding fell out of my hand (well not really, like I'm going to waste a great Jalapenos tortilla chip), and I thought, my first apartment furniture?????

Yes, while it's obvious to most people that I should sell mine, since we don't have room for it, and a little extra cash could help, plus it's less to move. But, it was my first BIG GIRL apartment furniture. The things I picked out on my own (okay, so my mom & dad were there, I wasn't that independent yet) but I paid with my own Nebraska Furniture Mart card and had delivered!

I think at that point, Tony could sense me not willing to give up the furniture and the fact that I hadn't even thought about it - especially since I suggested we could just put it in the basement.

But I told him I would think about it - however I was not selling my museum bench or my great blue chair - I will put my foot down.

So I'm thinking about putting my couch on the list of Craig. But it's going to be heartbreaking. My single days are over.

Do you think the next owner will notice the tear stains?

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