Monday, June 21, 2010

Dumb Butterfly Kisses

When my sister Courtney was getting married, my dad had two things that he was adamant about: 1. That there be ice cream served with the cake and 2. He was not going to just be a "stand-there" slow dancer for his Father/Daughter dance.

And boy did he ever make those things happen. He was sure that we had mini Blue Bell cups that were served - and boy were they delicious and he made sure to twirl Courtney once or twice around that dance floor. There is even a picture to prove it!

After attending our one and only wedding this year- I know, shocker- I was sitting by my dad and wondering if he was already thinking about our F/D dance. I'm sure he was, that or the fact that I had just asked him for a dollar to tip the bartender and he was wondering when I would stop asking him for money.

But my thoughts went back to my thought bubble on Friday because I heard the DJ's talking about the F/D Dance that one of their DJ's fiance was going to be having soon - confusing? I know, try to follow. Well apparently a few years ago, maybe like 10, I'm not sure. There was this song that came out called, "Butterfly Kisses." It's about a dad letting her daughter grow up and such - I hated that song. And I'm sorry for those who liked it, I'm sure it has very special meaning, but I found it annoying.

Even this morning I was making fun of it, and then it came to a part when it talks about the Dad giving the daughter away at her wedding. And what happened??? Tears. Yes, for the most part I held them back since I was driving, eating and trying not to get in a wreck.

Stupid butterfly kisses.

As the wedding gets closer, I find myself getting more emotional about it - which is not good for Tony or I since the engagement was full of tears (totally on his part) - which means there will be tears on the big day. Crap.

And even though my dad and I will probably not be dancing to Butterfly Kisses, I wonder if thoughts like these go through his head. Or if he's just thinking he can't wait to be done with giving me money. I'm going for the first part, but you never know.

But he did get a chance to see my dress - yes, he saw it before the big day and to all my bridesmaids- HA! You still don't get to see it.

However there were no tears, maybe because he couldn't see it that well, no fault on Kath's fault, but the pics were a little blurry. I think she was nervous.

But this post is for my dad - hopefully he won't be the one to make me cry on my wedding day - although he may present me with a bill of all the money I've cost him.

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  1. My sisters swear that my dad and I danced to "Butterfly Kisses" at my wedding. NO WAY NO HOW! It's a bit to cheesy for my liking. Do you remember dancing to it at Father/Daughter though? Fun times!

    Like the new design...Stylish!