Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smile...it's for the slideshow

As the wedding gets closer, I keep forgetting that I have, or rather want to make a slide show. I might need some assistance with this, but have to get it done. Well, then I remember that we should be taking more pictures. Which is difficult when I forget to take them. I used to make fun of my friends as they were getting close to their weddings and kept saying, "it's for the slide show."
Well we finally remembered to take pictures this past weekend and my boyfriend's concert. No, Tony doesn't sing - my boyfriend Michael. Michael Buble.

We had a fabulous date night with my sis and bro-in-law, who if Tony had a long lost Mexican twin, it would be John. Ask Court, down to the shoes, it's creepy.

Any-who - as we were waiting to go, I thought this would be a perfect picture time! However I got a picture of my sis and I and then her and John. Whoops, no picture of me and Tony. Picture taking not going so well. But then I did some classic photoging to get the job done.I'd say not too bad - Tony's comment: "I finally have a real neck." Or something like that - which yes, he does. The man is like the incredible shrinking woman, I mean man, whatever. So he was excited about having a full chin and things. I have a feeling he'll be more excited when the camera makes an appearance.

You see, we're both a little picky about how we look in pictures - good luck to our photographer - just kidding, but not really. If it's not a skinny arm pose, then it's probably the flock of seagulls hair do on myself. See - a little picky.

But we're getting better - and maybe when we get in more shape we'll have lots more pictures to chose from. So don't be surprised if you see us wearing the same outfit in our slide show, I probably made Tony do a photo shoot like we do lots of things.

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