Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Countdown is On

I recieved a very exciting call the other wedding dress is IN! Yes, although they said it probably wouldn't be in until the end of June - so you can sense my shock when they told me I had to come and try it on within the month. Um, flashback to what I ate this past weekend - let's just say there was quite a bit of cake and beer. Stupid diet.

So three days ago, it was back on the super plan to get my rocking Jillian Michael's arms. Meaning - it's going to be P90x time all the time.

Which also means that I'm going to need some major willpower at times - along with some persuasive encouragement from the people around me. Like, Caitlin, let's eat some of the fruit instead of stuffing your face with your third, no make that fourth chocolate chip cookie.

Things like that will help. So it's up to my readers, and my friends to remind me that I need to be watching what goes in my lips - because its like that little saying, it will end up on my hips. And rear, and jiggly Oprah-esque arms.

Ok - enough of the pity party encouragement bit - I am thrilled to have my dress in and can't wait to reveal it to my friends. Especially because I know that they are anxious to figure out what it looks like - and it's driving a few of them insane that they don't know!

And tonight - the registry continues. We're off to the big world of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Let's see if we are able to get through the store alive.

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