Saturday, June 5, 2010

Three colandars, two bath rugs, and a partridge in a pair tree

Although it took a bit to get there, we are registered! Woo! I kept telling Tony that he was going to love it, and it was going to be great because we get to pickout whatever we want. Okay, well whatever I want.

He did get excited about somethings, however he said it was mostly up to me to pick and choose. But don't be all surprised there- he did voice his opinion once or twice. So it was I who went crazy with the gun, I may or may not have registered for multiple wine glasses. A girl needs a lot of glasses for parties right?

So we are two for three- only one more stop to go. However Tony is leaving it up to my mom, my sister and I for that one. Which only means one thing....Trouble. And lots of extras on the registry.

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