Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll Take My Problems to Oprah

Tonight is going to be, well, let's call it informative. You see, in preparation of our marriage at Saint Elizabeth's, Tony and I were required to take a test. Yes, the 174 question test of a little bit of everything in our lives. If we strongly agree, agree, are neutral, disagree or strongly disagree to the question of how you like your eggs. Okay, so the questions were a little more important than that, but you get the idea.

And as many of my friends have been married in the Catholic Church, you know the questions I'm getting at. We were asked to take this test separately, which we did and didn't even cheat - well maybe one on question. But we answered honestly and tonight is the night we find out about how we did. If we are destined to get married anyway- and let's be honest, there is no turning back, my dress is in, deposits have been paid and I'm really getting excited for wedding cake.

However, the way we find out about our results is not typical, at least for anyone else. You see, we are required to meet with a therapist. Yep - a bonified therapist. We even have to pay her money. So this could be interesting. The Deacon we keep meeting with (and who yells as us because apparently we should have done this a year ago) says that no one can do worse than he and his wife. Apparently they didn't score very well.

But I have faith in Tony & I. I think for the most part we are pretty much in sync. Or rather, hopefully he answered in the way that he thinks I answered. We'd be golden then - I am the genius of the relationship.

I'm not sure what to expect from our therapist, maybe she'll tell us we both have issues that is way beyond help. Or that we are normal - either way, I'm blaming my problems on my brothers. And maybe my sister - she did leave me at home with them when she went away to college. Just kidding - I thank my brothers for teaching me certain things. Like how to stick up for myself in a fight, burping with the best of them and that farts can clear out any room. Okay, well the fart thing isn't that great, but at least I know a little about sports and don't mind listening to ESPN constantly.

Tonight just doesn't top our weekend off with the therapist. Oh no, we also get to go to Engaged Encounters. Just when you think two meetings with the Deacon are not enough (with an awkward conversation about natural family planning) - we also get to learn about our future marriage for a whole weekend. But don't worry, we'll be staying in dorm like rooms with a same gender roommate. Side note: My future M-I-L thought it was odd that the church doesn't agree with cohabitation but would allow us to stay in the same room. I think she was pleased when I told her that wasn't the case!

Please don't be jealous of our weekend - but maybe say a little prayer that we'll survive. Hopefully funny stories and an idea for a new blog post will come out of this weekend. Until then, I need to pack some shower shoes. Ugh.

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