Sunday, June 13, 2010

Encountering Engagements

We can cross two of our tasks to get married off the checklist. On Thursday, we met with the therapist to go over our PREPARE test. Good news, we passed - of course if you look at the percentage, we go a C average, but hey, we'll take it. The therapist told us we would be getting a good report to give to the priest.

Score. And knowing that we were on the same page and well, not crazy, was a relief. I'm pretty sure we were even one of her favorite couples, since she gave us stories about other couple - example: when asked what was the favorite thing about your significant other, one man answered, her chocolate chip cookies. It's a good thing I don't cook, or bake.

But we had one more task to take on this weekend. Engaged Encounters. Dun du duh!!!! Yes, an entire weekend talking about our feelings, how we will manage our finances and how many kids will we have. After already taking about this in pretty good depth, it was not a weekend we were really looking forward to. But in order to be married in the Catholic church, we have to get this certificate - I'm sure if it was made of chocolate, I would be thrilled to do this weekend. It's not - but it gets us in.

So Friday until Sunday, we spent with about 40 other couples talking about religion, love, and natural family planning. But I don't want to get ahead of myself, let me start at the very beginning so you can get the full effect.

Friday Night: Running late (of course) -however not all of our fault, this lovely weekend gave us two different pieces of information with two different times. However we weren't the last ones - bonus - and they didn't start right on time. Luckily, as we pulled into the parking lot, I saw an old high school classmate and his fiance. Phew - we won't be in this thing alone with um, interesting people.

So we walked in, not knowing what to expect, but we knew that we had roommates, however all the time hoping not to have a roommate. But alas, we cannot go anywhere without the Mayor knowing someone. Yes, even Tony knew a friend. Better yet - they were completely normal! So we have at least two friends at this weekend, and have someone to talk or complain with. Off to our rooms, each helping each other to our own, not wanting to leave each others side. And it's not just because we are so in love, we didn't want to get lost in this place and be stuck in an awkward conversation.

Our second relief came when we met our roommates. After guessing that with our luck we would get some, um, interesting roomies, we met Jessica & Anthony...yep Anthony - a name Tony could not forget. They were great - normal and nice and easy to talk to. So we were off to a pretty good start. Then it was on to the conference room - where we were told we would not have to share unless we wanted to and we would be having quiet time to write and then we would discuss. Um, both of us knew it was going to be a long weekend.

After the first night ended at 11 - and for this girl who goes to sleep by 10, it was late - we called it a night and I prayed that I wouldn't snore or talk in my sleep. Ok, not snore, rather purrr. Yes, I purrr, don't snore. But alas, no such luck. After our 6:45 - yes SIX FOURTY FIVE walk up bell, my roommate asked if I knew if I talked in my sleep. Dang it, apparently I didn't pray hard enough.

Sheepishly asking what I said, I apologized and she just laughed telling me my conversation went like this: "pull the big tooth and put some tuna in it"

Hello crazy.

Ugh - oh well. Not much I can do, but hope that she didn't think I was crazy. Off to the long day of writing, talking, and discussing, but I will have to save that for another post. Otherwise, it would take you an hour to read this one and I like to keep you busy people at work interested.

But I'll give you a little highlight: more writing, NFP, Fat-Ass, and Teacher's pets. Intrigued? I thought so.

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