Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Encountered Part Two

So I know I left you with a little teaser and I had to re-read my post so I would not talk about the same thing. I also noticed some of my spelling mistakes - not that I spell the word incorrectly, but its actually the wrong word. Awesome. to part two of our weekend. I hope I can remember everything, not going to lie, I think I tried to forget most of it.

But on to the Saturday of EE. It started with a rather good breakfast, of course we sat with the friends we knew. But so far, the food was better than we expected. However we also missed the memo about bringing snacks to share. So we were "that couple" who didn't bring anything to share. Oh well, there was plenty - and I like to think we shared our humor on this trip, for all to enjoy.

Maybe not, but no one noticed we didn't bring anything. Okay on to the story. So this whole thing started with a reading, answering questions and then discussion time between the couple. Yep, every hour we would do the same thing. Listen, write, discuss, repeat. Good news, Tony's writing is legible and we agree about a lot of the things we had to discuss. Points for us.

But toward the afternoon, they gave us this little box that looked like a bad hat box. We were asked to put questions into the box for our question and answer session. Ugh....Q&A's, with who knows what question will be in there. But they threatened us with another story and discussion, and the questions went flying in.

So after dinner, we had our Q&A and apparently I missed the memo to bring something comfortable to sit on - so we sat on the floor. Yuck. But that wasn't the worst part. It was the questions about NFP. What's NFP you ask? Well let me tell you. Natural Family Planning. Yes boys and girls, it's when you don't have anything in your body and you do, what I like to call, educated guessing.

You see, earlier in the day we were told about this couple who did use NFP. And I'm not bashing the actual act of using NFP. It works for some people and I think that's great. However hearing about it once is fine. Asking 72 questions about it and the difference between the "Rhythm Method." To which Tony asked me what that was, and I literally have no knowledge of, nor care to learn about.

So after almost every other question came out of the box about NFP, finally one came out that was somewhat normal. "Are you going to change your name when you get married?" Easy - heck even I can answer that!

So I did. Yep, I was the girl who raised her hand. Tony supported it - and it worked in my favor for the rest of the weekend. I replied, yes, but I'm changing my middle name to my maiden name. And although I'm proud of my last name, it might be nice not to hear "Hey Faddis," in public, although I know it's still going to happen. Really, it's when it's yelled quite loud that is seems to be the issue. Yep, when it sounds like FatA$# (sorry, my mom reads this, but you get the picture).

Which got quite the response. Fast forward to the rest of the weekend, our last task was to attend church so we get our certificate. Our books that we wrote in over the weekend were blessed by Father (who told a funny joke about a priest and a nun, ask me later and I might tell you), and then he called out our names and we were free to go. After wishing that our name wouldn't be called last, it worked. We were about in the middle, and yes, Father pronounced my name wrong - and everyone laughed. At least they understood why I said yes to changing my name.

After spending our weekend with a bunch of couples, we were ready to get home, see our dog and have a chance to do other things. But don't think we are in the clear just yet - nope, we have one all day seminar that we will have to attend. And after we ran into another couple who are also getting married at St. Elizabeth's, they told us it's not fun. Hopefully I'll get some good blog info from that whole day.

We're engaged, we're encountered and we're not that crazy. Bring on the wedding!

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