Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've Had THE Moment

Besides the craziness of the weekend, I was lucky enough to have a shower thrown by some pretty fabulous cousins and even better, they all gave me wonderful gifts! So thank you notes are in my future this week.

I was even able to use my mom's gift at the shower - yep, I had a little bit of sweat action going on (yet another reason our wedding is in the fall) and had to use her towels to do a little mopping. Although I am all one for attention, or so my sister says, even opening gifts made me a little self conscience, and the perspiration began. Thank goodness for D baby who was there to flirt and give knuckles to everyone.

So after gifts were opened and used - and yes, even after I got a little surprise, um nightie, we started the photography session. Which leads me to "the moment." It was odd being the one surrounded by family and being literally the center of all the pictures. But apparently I need to learn how to angle myself.

After going back to Court's to hang out with the Denver crew before the left, and enjoy some family dinner - Tony asked to look the at the pictures from the day.....and that's when he found it. The gargantuan picture. I cannot even begin to explain how large and in charge I look. And I'm not exaggerating. My dear mother, sister and cousin all saw it and said, "Let's not tell Cait." Strike one for you three.

Which lead to my, "oh crap, I'm getting married in a big white dress in front of 400 people with flabby arms and a large body with a small head on top. Crap."

Of course that didn't stop me from enjoying some angel food cake with strawberries at whip cream at dinner - but Mom said it was fat free, she gets some points back.

So needless to say, I was on a mission after viewing that picture and what's funny is that I was telling T, just on Saturday night that I was waiting for that moment to kick in...and boy did it! And although I'm supposed to be calling for my first dress fitting, I might need my friend Jen's at-home liposuction kit before hand. This calls for desperate measures.

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