Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giggling makes you hot

I had my very first bridal shower this past Friday - it was thrown by Tony's fabulous cousin Jamie and the Ginestra family. It was very odd thinking that I got to take home all of the presents wrapped in that love Crate & Barrel white box.

But before I could open these presents, Jamie played a little game, that even involved Tony. I had to answer certain questions....and let me tell you, I think we were on different pages, maybe the same chapter, but our pages were totally off!

Here's how some of them went:
1. What does Tony do when you leave the house?
Me: Party Time; Actual Answer: Cleaning time.
*Hint that I got from the question, I should apparently start cleaning the house before I leave.
2. What is Caitlin's favorite comfort food.
Me: Duh, Mexican
Tony's answer: Chocolate.
What? No! Just because I say I want chocolate every day does not mean it's my go to.....alright I do love it and it does bring me joy, he may be on to something.
3. What is the one piece of clothing of Caitlin's that Tony hates:
Me: my rompers
Tony: Rompers (which I thought he might call them onesies, but he didn't

So the answer game went over alright, I mean 8/20 isn't bad right? Average?

But it made me laugh, which made me start sweating and made my skirt start sticking to me. Ugh. But it was alright, Jamie supplied me with my favorite summer beer and I was good to go!

So thank you Jamie and the whole Ginestra family for making me laugh and supplying our kitchen with all of these fabulous things!

On to the one part of the weekend that was the least thing that made us giggle. God's Plan for A Joy Filled Marriage.

Let's not talk about this too's something that we experienced in hard metal chairs and want to move on from.

Luckily, we had something to look forward too - Lauren & Brian's annual Jamaica Party! Bring on the Jerk Chicken, Rum Punch and Red Stripe!

And although I was planning on romping it up any way, I wore the romper because I knew Tony really didn't like it - mu hu hahaha!

We had a fabulous time, that brought on giggling, including man hugs, lightning bugs, and well I don't have anything else that rhymed, but you get the picture. We have some great friends and it was fun to chat about random stuff that reminded me to stay on these girls good side - I'm pretty sure they would have some stories about I will probably not be giving any of them the microphone at the reception!

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