Thursday, July 8, 2010


Okay, I have a confession. I've secretly been looking at my registry. I mean like, daily. That may seem normal, and I know brides have look to add things or to see if something went on sale...but I'm now stalking my own registry.

Yes - I'm getting really excited since one of my showers is tomorrow and I'm not creepily stalking my registry. It's horrible! I know I will be surprised when I find out who the gift is from, but every time I see something has been purchased and I get a feeling of excitement and maybe throw out a fist pump. (Don't worry, my office door is shut, usually). And since telling one of my BM's and getting yelled at for doing it - now I get this guilty feeling! Ah! But I love looking at it! I'm a secret registry looker and I can't stop!

I'm sure there is help for me. Maybe I should have Tony change the passwords so I can't log on. But that would be useless since I can get them sent to me. Alas, I need to stop, because even though I will try and exude surprise when I open one of those pretty little black & white boxes, secretly I know what will be in there!

Okay, okay, I promise to stop....after maybe one more peek.

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