Monday, July 26, 2010

Get A Garmin

In a previous post, I apparently thought I was on top of everything wedding. Oh no, my little "To-Do" list, grew, and when I say grew, I mean taking up a college lined notebook page along with my parent's questions on a smaller note pad.

Oh vey. Little did I know - but I'm happy to say at least three things have been crossed off the list since Friday. Yep - we average about one wedding thing a day. Hey, progress is progress, and our therapist told us we were average anyway, at this rate, I think we're golden.

But on to what we managed to do. STUFF INVITES! Woot woot! My my and I scheduled a day, well a few hours at least, before Sunday dinner and our little friends with sticky hands and inquiring minds got to their house - and no, I'm not talking about my brothers, but they would do something like put syrup (gross) on their hands and threaten the clean and beautiful invites....they've been doing something like this since my arrival, and I have a feeling it won't stop just because they are Dads. Their poor wives.

Anyway, my dear, rollers in the hair mother and I carefully put on the insides together. And together, we over-analyzed every part of the wedding. Such as....

How should be put on the stamp, which ones should it be, which scream wedding more...
Should we have body guards for the candy bar, will there be something that breaks, how long should we keep it open....
How will we get everyone to the wedding, do we have transportation (this was one of my parents questions, apparently all the bridesmaids and groomsmen don't drive on the wedding day...)
Gift bags, gift bags, gift bags.....
And finally, what about the map...where do we start from, how do people know how to get from the hotel to the church and back, where do they begin their journey.

To the final over analyzed question, my Dad and I had the same response....tell them to get a Garmin. Duh. Or map quest - I mean these days everyone has some sort of form to find their way around town, right? But Mom said no - listen lady, let's save some trees here! Answer, still no.

Alright - so we left that job up to my Dad, the former police officer, man who gives directions with North, East, South and West. (Never Eat a Soggy Waffle...anyone, anyone?) So as we were stuffing and analyzing, in came the Maj.

"Well go west on75th to Wornall, north on Wornall....."

Well I would be able to give the rest of the directions, but my eyes began to glaze over and I started thinking about yogurt, or shoes, I can't recall at this time. This is the way my Dad and brothers always gave directions - my sister and Mom would have much rather had the following:

Turn left at the McDonald's, follow that road until you see the Shell gas station, then take a right at the DSW. So much easier.

So there may be a chance that you will be getting directions with North, East, South and West, or one that tells you to turn left by P.F. Chang's. Maybe we'll keep it a surprise.....

You should probably bring your Garmin just in case.

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