Friday, October 1, 2010

The 10th Month of the Year

It's finally October. It's a little hard to believe that Tony and I have been engaged for almost 10 months, okay, so a little over 10th months - I've never really been good at math. But we are now officially able to say, "This month," when the question is asked, "So when are you getting married?"


So it's probably time for us to really get on top of that to do list. We're waiting for final RSVP's to come in - oh yes, there are still some missing. But I supposed its something that every bride deals with, those late RSVPers - you know who you are, and yes I will call you out if I need to - maybe at the actual wedding, in front of all the other guests....and God. Dun du du.

For now, I'll be working on my to do list. Like trying to figure out how to make our wedding program, that is not the size of a newspaper. Who's idea was it to have so many people in the wedding party...oh right, me.

But I wouldn't change it - I'm pretty excited for the scheduled chaos that will happen on the wedding day - and for so many slaves, uh, helpers to assist my with calming my nerves. And letting me know if Tony bolted. I mean, I already told him I would have his head if he decided to change his mind at the last minute. You think I'm kidding too.

It's October. Officially our wedding month. Which also means Tony and I have 29 days to perfect our dance to make sure the nephews are ready to drop it low.

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