Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hindsight is Always 20/20

Well we are down to only 3 days people! Yes, we have survived, and while I've been given lots of advice to not stress and just to have fun, well, let's be honest, that doesn't happen in this little head of mine. I have what is called Kathysyndrome - it's where we like to take on a lot and then when we realize we have 5 minutes to finish 9,487 tasks, we might freak out a little. Maybe some tears, it all depends. Luckily, we have Courtney in our midst who is a freakish list taker like Kathy & I, she delegates and does it well. And she might take on a few tasks like the rest of us that may be too many - however tears don't happen with her. Lucky dog.

And while my list is slowly growing smaller - and I am finally able to gleefully mark a big check mark on the side, (and maybe do a little dance in my head), there are still a few things to do. But the biggest accomplishments: the programs and the slide show.

I would first like to not thank Kinko's for being so reasonably price, willing to help out a girl in dire need to print out 4 million pieces of paper - and not just any paper, 8.5 x 14 card stock. Bonus on my part: Tony. Oh yes, his calmness and frugalness and knowledge of Office Max led me and my 4 million programs to bliss. Done and done - and let me tell you 4 stars for Office Max!

The other impending thorn in my side: slide shows. Whomever began this little tradition of showing cute little pictures of people growing up and their time together, all with background music that is happy and upbeat in perfect timing - I would like to have words with you. You, who made me hate Power Point, iTunes (okay I don't dislike iTunes, however I wish I wouldn't have to rip music...I know, too technical, even for me), and deleting pictures all because at 35 minute show might be going over the top.

Sigh. But finally - I think it's completed. Or at least I hope that when Tony's brother boots it up and starts playing it, it won't freak out and starting freezing up or not playing at all. I have great and funny pictures of us growing up and darling ones of when we met and great background music that will make you want to dance.

And if it doesn't work - well, I guess I will have a glass of wine handy and tell everyone to gather round the small computer screen.

Beyond the slide show (that yes, I did threaten to throw my computer our the window, but also realized that was a bad decision since my computer is my work one and I would probably have to pay for it), everything else is coming together and little things are making me giddy for this weekend.

Things like, my mom telling me I looked like a bride. I don't know what made me look so bridal - maybe I should wax my eyebrows more often - or flash my ring even more!

Or things like friends sending me text messages and Facebook postings telling me how they are so excited to party it up this weekend - or knowing that it will be 74 and partly sunny - great for pictures- and NOT RAINING on Saturday. That knowledge will help me do more than just a dance in my head.

However these little things are not what makes my hindsight 20/20. It's knowing that I should probably start slide shows earlier and maybe remember where I put things. Like, thank you notes. Those would be good things to remember where you put them.

But I'm off to do more bridal to-do's and hopefully cross more things off my list. For all of my upcoming bridal friends - if you like, I will send you all my hundreds of To-Do's so you can start on yours earlier.

Or you can have the same experience as me. I will tell you, it is quite fun - or at least that's what I'll tell.

T-Minus 3 days.

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