Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diapers and potties

So part of my job entails a little bit of travel, granted not as much as when I first started, but I get to get out of the office every so often. Today was a travel day - and lucky me, I got to go all the way to Jefferson City! What, what! I'm like a state capitol traveling fool - I have been to Top City aka Topeka, KS way more in a month than in my life.

It was all about Jeff City today though - and because of regulations for the amount of miles I can put on my own personal car - and because Tony prefers me not to rack up any more miles on Ted the Tahoe, I rented a car. Before I get to the real subject of this post, let me tell you more about my rental car that I drove today. Remember those little, itty bitty cars that little boys used to play with - smaller than even the matchbox cars? The micro machines?! That's what I drove today - for 5 hours - to and from Jeff City. A-Mazing.

Not only did I feel like I was going to get run over, this thing actually had a little pick up. Usually I get a little nervous about passing people on two lane roads, but man, I felt a little like Danica Patrick, without the cheesy GoGo Daddy logos. But I am really thankful for my tank that I normally drive, it was an experience.

So in my first 2 1/2 hour drive to J-Town, one thought came to my head. how am I going to pee in my wedding dress.

Yep, that was the thought. Nothing really about how nice the weather was, or what things I need to get done for work or the wedding. Just, how am I going to pee on the wedding.

You see, I am a pee-er. I have the nervous pee, which happened almost every time I had to walk down the aisle for a friends wedding; I have to pee every 15 minutes at work, which makes me wonder if people are counting how many trips I take to the bathroom.

So you can see my dilemma. And although I am keeping my dress a secret, any bride knows that it's not the easiest thing to do on your wedding day. Which is why I wish they had an adult diaper that wasn't so bulky.

Yes, I said it.

Its gross, I know, but thing is pretty genius. I mean we don't judge babies for wearing diapers. Why should we judge brides in complicated dresses to take 15 maybe 20 minutes out of their day that goes so fast anyway. Alright, so you're grossed out by this posting. But these are the thoughts that go through my head when I drive by myself.

But before you start judging, don't tell me you don't think about how great it would be to be wearing a diaper on a tailgate day rather than going to a port-a-potty. you're thinking! you're all going to wonder if I'm wearing an adult diaper on my wedding day.

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