Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best Weekend Ever

We're down to the single digits and are almost ready. Gram is here, the RSVPs for the rehearsal dinner are coming in, and I only have a day and a half of work left.

So far the calmness is still here and I haven't stressed out yet. Yes, there are still things to do, but I know they will get done and if they don't, then who is going to notice....well except some of my readers and family who have seen my obnoxious To-Do lists. Oh well, that's how it works I suppose.

But before the final things come together, Tony and I actually had a nice little Saturday off of not doing wedding things and last week Tony got his wedding gift....for himself. But allow me to give you a little background of our week.

Saturday was our big walk for work and so I was busy with that - I mean like, working late until Friday night, and up before the crack of dawn on Saturday, but I pushed through, knowing that after this, my work would be done and I had our wedding to look forward to. And Tony was out of town for most of the week, in what was hopes to be his final travel (not so much, as he's going out of town this week too, boo.)

Side note, I just re-read that paragraph and possibly fell asleep - bo-ring. I'll try harder for the rest of this post, just stick with me!

But let me re-wind to Tony and my conversation earlier this week, let's say Tuesday.

T: "Babe, I'm probably going to need Ted this weekend." (Ted is our car, the Tahoe, get it, Ted the Tahoe)
Me: "Why? What did you buy?"
T: "Um, well, I may have bought myself an early wedding present."
Me: "You bought wheels, didn't you?
T: "Uh, yes."

Awesome. But I have been impressed that he's held off this long - when we bought the car last December, I for sure thought I would be rollin' thug style the next week. But after a long period of waiting and Tony searching through millions of websites with wheels, he finally got them.

His reasoning: He wanted something nice for himself for the wedding.

Hello? You get me, duh.

So that began Tony's weekend. After working Saturday morning, he went to meet friends for the big Mizzou game and I went to dinner with some friends. I'm sorry, my game is off, bear with me for the excitement.

Jen and I went down to the Plaza - where I had a prime parking spot which I didn't need to have to parallel park for - score - and met T and friends to watch the big game. Which was a very good game, and yes, I even cheered.

And while the Mizzou game was going on and they were winning or scoring...I wasn't really paying attention, Jen and I were talking about how she couldn't pronounce Rutgers and how we liked Mizzou's pants - it came out.

Tony: "If we win this game and we (as in Tony and the Chiefs, since he's actually a part of the team) get a win tomorrow, this is the best weekend of my LIFE!"


Awesome. Did you forget about a certain date of October 30, 2010? And yes, there was an awkward moment that Jonathan, Karen and Jen all noticed.

His wedding gift is totally going back. Or rather, I'm going to buy myself a wedding gift too - a diamond grill for my teeth and some Tupac old school rap. What kind of heels to thugs wear anyway?

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