Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Your Turn to Vacuum

I had my second dress fitting last night and I once again didn't want to take my dress off. I seriously might want to wear it the next day and maybe on the plane to Mexico. Would that be weird? No, okay. Well I figured it would be better than those cliche 'Just Married' tanks (although secretly I would totally wear one if my friends and family wouldn't judge me so much....you know you would want to do the same!)

But I wore it for a while as every part of my outfit for the day came together - and then my mom cried. Okay, so she claimed she had allergies, but she had to use a tissue. Courtney laughed - until she had to try on her dress. Bahahaha.

However it was the good advice my mom shared with my sister and I that we will always remember. And while most motherly advice is about cooking and keeping sane while you have children, my mom gives us advice about vacuuming....in high heels.

Bring on June Cleaver. Wowza.

Yep, my mom's advice to her two daughters was to get our balance and break in our wedding shoes by vacuuming our houses. Of course this means that Court and I would have to start vacuuming. Which seems silly since we basically are marrying or married to long lost twins who creepily enjoy cleaning and vacuuming.

Who enjoys doing those things? Oh right, my future hubby. Fine by me, I'll be happy to sit on the couch with my coffee and bonbons while watching my soaps, okay so I would actually be watching Real Housewives of any city.

However I shouldn't mock my mothers advice so soon -I did in fact take up her tip and vacuumed in my shoes the other day. Tony was out of town and Tyson and I decided to clean a bit. Luckily I was done vacuuming right before Tony got home, so he missed the lovely ensemble of running shorts, t-shirt and 3-inch heels. And Tony's response when I told him what I had just accomplished?

Tony: "Since when do you vacuum?"

Apparently I should start working on my June Cleaver outfit....

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