Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's a Martha Stewart Kind of Day

We're having our first official house guests in a couple of weeks and well, the Martha Stewart/Kathy F./June Cleaver in me wanted to make sure that our house would be stay ready for them. Of course this also includes Tony's list of things to do with the house. Obviously not at all similar lists, but things that need to get done around our house.

What's that? You want to know what our lists are? Okay, let me point them out.

-Change the light fixtures on the front of the house
-Fix the wall next to the back door that was broken into 3 years ago that has missing dry wall and looks awesome because the wall is yellow and the holes are white
-Replace the bathmats in the guest bathroom that Caitlin may have turned from a khaki color to a dingy gray when she washed them with the black bath mats: key word, may
-And some other random things that I can't remember at this point

My list:
-Finish all the wedding stuff that is just staring me in the face, day after day, after, um...right
-Throw away the nasty pillow that Slick Rick made his commode
-Throw away the nasty, I mean, Tony's old college comforter
-Replace the old guest room shower curtain
-Replace the dingy looking bathmats that I may have turned gray - I mean come on, I used one of those Shout color obviously doesn't catch the color black. Ripoff.
(But really, they actually match the new shower curtain...see...genius and I totally did it on purpose)
-Clean the house
-Miraculously have the house turn into a Crate & Barrel picture

Alright, so we may have a few things that are in common, but it was my mission to get the ones on my list done. Priorities people.

And guess who's list won?

Ta da! Yes indeedy! We not only hit up Crate & Barrel, and left way to soon in my opinion, but also did a little Bed, Bath and Beyond. If only we had been able to make it to Home Depot, then I might have even brought out a little Frank the Tank that night. No dirty mind, not in the streaking kind of way (Mom, Google Old School, it's a movie), more in the I would have worn a green hat, or in my case, a green or shoes. Definitely green shoes.

Anyway, I digress. We were able to get our new duvet cover and shams for the guest room. And while we didn't have an actual duvet to place in the new duvet cover, my little brain had a genius moment and we made it work...a la Tim Gunn.

But getting to the point where we admired our room took a minute - or 15. While in C&B, and figuring out we actually didn't have an extra duvet for the spare room, I figured we could actually just get the really cute green accent blanket that was on display as well. Sadly, Mr. T nixed that idea - but I did get away with the shams.

While making the bed, and using my old duvet (see, genius, but now I don't have one...) Tony and I had this conversation:

Me: Don't you like this? Isn't just so cute?
Tony: Yeah, but why do you need three duvets?
Me: What?
T: Yeah, why do you need this duvet for the pillow?
Me: Sigh. This is a sham, totally different from a duvet.
T: Wait, why are you putting in the white blanket?
Me: The white blanket it the duvet, the striped thing is the duvet cover and the thing that goes on the pillow is a sham. Different things.
T: You and your words for things.

Yep - my words for things.

Me: (and yes, I ignored that comment) Oh I just love it, it looks great!
T: You probably should have ironed it. If I had an iron I would have ironed it.

Yes- I walked away. Never mind that we have a brand new iron upstairs that also steams upright (yeah, I know, A-mazing).

So we had a nice little Martha Steward kind of day...or at least I did.

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