Sunday, October 3, 2010

A New Kind of Bouquet

Tony and I were proud to get some of the wedding to-do's accomplished yesterday. Which included meeting with the caterer, which I'm pretty sure made Tony's wheels spin even more - and come to the realization that there are a bunch of little details that go into wedding planning. Which, thank goodness, because then he also realized I was not nuts when I kept saying I had things to do. Okay, so he probably still thinks that I'm nuts, but he he's the one that made the big offer to keep me!

But before we went to talk all about the food, the bar issues and colors of linens, we picked up Tony's ring. Oh yeah- its about time that all those, girls out there know that he is TAKEN! That's right girls, my little Italian Stallion, the Meatball Marinara is off the market in 27 days! And yes, he did think it was odd to be wearing a ring. Too bad, so sad, he'll deal with it.

We also had a conversation about exchanging wedding gifts. And while, we both said that we wouldn't spend a lot, there is nothing like something sparkly to go in my ears. But I digress. Tony has been wanting new wheels for the Tahoe since we drove it home. Why, I'm not sure and really it makes no difference to me - I would rather have a sun roof. His choice - so he's been looking at wheels at all different places and on-line since last December. But I told him that if he really wants them, then I would be happy to help pay for A wheel.

But we'll wait on those - instead I told him I would rather get him a watch and he would rather get me a Kindle. So we finished getting his ring and we were on to the next task. However, we did have this conversation in the car:

Tony: So you're going to get me a watch, that I can wear on the wedding.
Me: Yes, I want you to wear it on the wedding.
T: But you already have all of your jewelry for the wedding, right? You wouldn't wear earrings the day of?
Me: No, I just want them.
T: But since I would be wearing the watch, wouldn't you wear the earrings?
Me: Well, you also offered to get me a Kindle, so it wouldn't be like I would carry that down the aisle.
Tony then proceeded to almost spit out his swig of water all over the car.

So don't be surprised if I'm sporting a Kindle instead of the traditional bridal bouquet down the aisle.

On to the next To-Do.

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