Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Better Than Shopping

It's been a crazy week so far - and it's only Tuesday and it's for sure going to get more nuts from here. But hey, everyone has a little crazy in their system, right? No? Just me? Awesome.

But there is reason to not let the crazy get to me - other than the fact that I've had my few breakdowns about the wedding in the past few weeks. However, we have 11 days to go and I'm as cool as a cucumber. Why you ask? What could have brought on this sudden calmness, this mild and happy deameanor?

Well, it might be the yoga classes that I've been taken recently - I do see myself becoming a yogi soon. Wearing those cute little tank tops and gently folding into my tree pose while letting all the worries of the day escape me. Okay, so I'm probably not that into yoga, but I do enjoy it alot - I already feel longer and leaner. But don't worry - I don't do those chants at the end, I find that odd and just pretend.

However it's not just the yoga that has me in a calm state - because I should be in a frenzy state, I made my final to do list (yeah, I know, I'll probably have one the day of the wedding, don't judge) and I also have a big work week - we do have our breast cancer walk this weekend. But no - none of those thing will get me down this week.

What could make this "bridezilla" so calm?

GRAM IS COMING!!! What, what??

Oh yeah, my one and only Mexican Gram is coming into town for the wedding! I'm beyond excited and I think the rest of the Faddis clan is just as pumped - even the littlest one who has not been embraced by the fabulous woman herself.

Although, we may have to get a sling for her to carry Caden the tank, he too will know his "Tita." Her arrival is better than Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and a shopping spree! Okay, so I would probably take a shopping spree too, but Gram over even that.

I don't know if I can sleep tonight!

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