Tuesday, October 12, 2010

IV's are the New Fad Diet

Tuesdays usually mean boring for Tony and I - I mean occasionally I have a few meetings and conference calls, and T uses Tuesday as a travel day or is primarily gone on a Tuesday. And obviously it means TBL, you know, The Biggest Loser. Oh yes, I live the TBL Tuesdays - it makes me want to eat a cupcake, run a marathon and lift weights to grunt out loud all at the same time.

However we decided to change things up for this Tuesday - or rather Mr. Tony decided that this Tuesday was going to be a little different. He was supposed to be traveling the day to Omaha, because he didn't want to drive last night. Luckily for Tony, he didn't travel last night, and got to sleep in his own bed. Unluckily (is that a word?) for Tony, he was up bright and early to say hello to the porcelain god, the loo, "the office," el bano for some. Oh yes, dear friends, Tony was up and sick at 5 am. Not only sick, but with a ginormous stomach ache that made him toss and turn.

Thinking he would get better in a bit, I was off to work, attempting to be excited after a three day weekend. Soon, a call from sickie - still not feeling good, it's um, not pretty at home. Ugh. We just dealt with the plague that entered our house last week - why is it coming back?!?! We only have 18 days - we need our health to enjoy the beach!

After riveting conversations about how much his stomach hurt and what to do about work - Tony decided not to travel and I convinced him to call Ask-A-Nurse. While I would have called my friend Molly, Nurse Molly, Tony had already been convinced that going to the ER was much needed.

Gah! ER? Oh yes, and let me tell you, it's not as exciting as you see on Grey's Anatomy or the actual show ER - or even Boston Med - oh no, the most excitement we got was the old man with a cane and leg brace banging on the vending machine trying to get out some pretzels. And don't you think that I wasn't tempted to ask him for one or two - yes, Tony's stomach hurt, mine did not, it was hurting with hunger.

So after an hour of waiting - and before you even think twice, I am the one with the patience in the relationship, let's just say that here - we were off to the back so Tony could don a lovely robe and get poked and prodded. Oh yes, he got stuck three times before the IV fit in. I felt bad for the guy - not only is he not great at being sick, but he hates needles and being stuck - especially since they couldn't get a needle in him because he was so dehydrated. I obviously felt the need to point out that I have the good veins in the relationship.

Ah yes, big behind, but boy do my veins make any blood giver jealous. I'm like a vampires dream for dinner.

Two IV bags and three hours later we were released with Tony on an all liquid, BRAT diet. Can you feel the joy that is about to explode. We're home now, after a trip to the pharmacy for anti-nausea pills, 7Up and Gatorade. Oh and toothbrushes and paste - I mean come on, we were both sick last week, you don't get a new toothbrush after you're sick? Sicko.

So it wasn't a typical Tuesday for us.

Secretly, I think Tony was trying a last ditch effort to look better than me in a swimsuit.

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  1. im glad u posted this story... i never even knew about it till like 3 days later when mom told me!!! now i feel like ive been updated fully... lol rude of him to try and lose weight like that... what a sneak...