Friday, October 8, 2010

Hypochrondriac Harriet

Well it happened. The exact thought and feeling that I didn't want to happen three weeks before the wedding. We got sick. First Tony, then me. Ugh.

And if anyone knows us, we are not good sick people. We hate it - there is nothing worse than feeling like the world is ending, you can't move and all life has left your body. If I could raise my fist up and ask, "Why God, why me? Why do you place this plague of sickness on me??" I would have, except I didn't have the strength to even type a text to my friends. Sad.

And I may be exaggerating just a little bit. But you get my point - there is nothing worse than being sick and feeling like it will never go away and you try and remember what it feel like to be normal. To be able to run up and down the stairs and not be winded and feel like you need to take a break.....or really you don't have to be sick to have that feeling, maybe just out of shape.

At first, I thought I was just being a bit of a hypochondriac. I blame my friend Jen for this. She is number 1 Hypochondriac Harriet. Your thumb has a pain, look it up on Web MD, don't be surprised if it tells you that you may be dying and if you experience blindness or loss of hearing, please seek medical attention immediately.

Usually for Jen, it's allergies....or a migraine. But she makes you think. And so when I had a numb toe that was also making my throat swell up and slight numbness in my fingers, that could be going up my arm: Web Md. I have lupus, heartburn and I may be experiencing Morton's Neuroma.

Luckily for me, the numbness in my toe went away, the swelling of the throat was me not swallowing correctly and I luckily did not have lupus.

This time.

But the sickness stuck our household and family. Oh yes, it was not just Tony and I who have been sick. Typhoid Mary, aka, Kathy is on day 2 of laryngitis, possibly strep and maybe a slight cold. Courtney has been dealing with some sort of sickness that gives her a nasily voice and her poor little carrier monkeys have been dealt the same.

And what do we do? We hang out all together. We might as well start spitting on each other spread the germs early and often. My solution: Lysol.

As Tony was resting from his sickness - and yes, he calls it resting every time he gets sick, "I just need to rest some more." Weirdo. I took the time to Lysol the entire house - door knobs, light switches, toilet handles...pretty much anything and everything that a hand could touch.

Sadly, Tyson followed me around and probably snorted enough Lysol to make me worried. He's fine - still up and kicking.

However the Lysol trick didn't work on me. And this time, I was not imagining it. I was down and out for the count. Pretty sure I slept for almost 14 hours yesterday - well technically I had to go to work first because I didn't have any days left, but then I came home and slept.

I'm really hoping that all of this "resting" worked so I can be back on my feet today and the rest of the time before the wedding. We've got a party to attend!

Let's just hope I don't feel any other sickness before the big day....I'll just Web MD before I walk down the aisle.

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