Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ruffles and Tutus

I have been told that unless I want the spotlight stolen from me, I shouldn't have any little kiddos in the wedding. Obviously they don't know our family. I think I would even have Rocky and Baby X in the wedding if their moms would let me. But, to keep the sanity a little bit, we are only having the oldest three actually walk down the aisle.

And although I am happy for ANOTHER nephew, if Baby X had been a girl, you better believe she would have been dressed to the nines in a little tutu walking with Nana down the aisle. So backup plan, tuxes and tuxedo shirts will be worn by all...except our little flower girl Madison. Her outfit has yet to be decided on.

But this wedding will not be the first time that these party boys will wear tuxedo shirts, they previously wore them at Uncle G's and Auntie B's wedding last year. But these boys have definitely grown out of those little t's. Plus they will have to have extra room so they can dance around. We've been having dance parties at Nana & Grandpa's house recently and let me tell you, these boys have moves. They probably get it from me - D baby even has some booty moves. I'll have to hunt down video to post later.

So tuxes it is, but come on, if everyone looked as good in a tux as Luca does, then would you want them to wear them in your wedding too?!

Side notes: I have yet to call our florist back, yet to call a cake person and we are still trying to figure out our honeymoon. Whoops. That checklist just keeps growing! And if they keep trying to tell me I have 57 overdue To-Do's, they might just get a piece of my mind. Probably not, but I like to sound tough.

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