Monday, March 29, 2010

Table Saws and Screw Drivers

Tony and I had a very married Sunday- and I use that term with all the positive thinking. I mean we were both pretty productive, we worked out, we washed his car (obviously through an actual car wash, homey don't wash by hand), and then had a pleasant experience at Home Depot.

You see, Tony generally gets Hope Depot gift cards for his birthday and Christmas. Bonus - less for us to actually buy when talking about up-dating the house. He already has a list of things to do, like add a deck, change the light fixtures in the downstairs bathroom, and change the paint color. So we traveled out to good ole Hope Depot to check out a few things. I of course was distracted by the shiny red washer and dyer - which Tony said we didn't need because the ones in his basement worked fine. Dream ruiner.

So we looked at dishwashers, paint colors, and then vanities for the downstairs bathroom. It was great, I felt a real adult - mainly because I realized it would be "our" money going to purchase these things. Side note: Tony did mention how great it would be to take all that money we are saving for the wedding and just using it all at the HD. Reality check - Not happening buster.

We left the HD not buying anything, but having great dreams about granite counter tops, fabulous shower heads, and shiny red washers and dryer to have family dinner. I should realize now that the things that come out of my brothers and brother-in-laws mouths should be filtered before the words come out.

Because someone, I won't mention who, but I also think my dad was involved, suggested we have our registry at Home Depot.

And then the idea evolved.
Tony: "Babe it would be so great, we could actually use stuff like this, instead of stuff like towels and what people would get us at Crate & Barrel."Me: "Oh, so you're saying you wouldn't use a towel everyday?"

The discussion went on, and he tried to convince me that we would only tell a few people, like his uncles and stuff. But he could tell that I was not excited about the thought of having a registry at Home Depot. All of those pretty towels and vases are going right out the window for gift cards to Home Depot. Although I do know of a friend who did register at Lowe's for their wedding - granted they were re-doing their ENTIRE house and the bride actually brought up the idea, but I guess I could think about it.

I'm totally going to get a table saw and screw driver for a shower gift.

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  1. I think I may be getting a dishwasher for my Birthday because thats what Marc wants....AHHHH the joys of marriage! I