Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off to the post office

And they are out! The save-the-dates at least. And in that little trip to the post office, well actually the third in less than a week (I'm getting over my anxiety of the post office for this whole wedding), made me do a lot of thinking after I left. Does it have enough postage, did I write out everyone's name correctly, did I forget anyone, etc. The thoughts that go through my head I tell you!

But alas, I already have heard from a couple of people that have said they have received them, so I know they at least got out to half of our guest list. So it's one more thing I can check of my to do list from the! Hooray! Another random thought while I was getting them all ready, why are they called Save-The-Dates? Because when I am writing up my daily/weekly/monthly To-Do lists, I just write STDs. Um, not the most appropriate thing to read on someones list. So I have to remember to write the whole thing out, because then it looks like I'm mailing out the clap or something. Which is just gross.

On another side note, we had our nephew Lucas' 2nd birthday party today. It was quite the adventure. I"m just glad that I've been doing P90x - yes I'm on day 6 and haven't skipped yet! Some of those little junglely gym things were quite the adventure - and yes, I did get a little sweaty, the bangs were banging.

But I wasn't as winded as I normally could have been - total bonus. And Tony has even taken part in some of the P90X days with me. You might see some of the moves we do on the dance floor - let's just say coordination is not our thing. I think I got a little ab workout watching him do these twist and elbow things. Which made him say,"I"m throwin' bows!" Get excited!

So after a trip to the mail box, a birthday party and NCAA games, I'm exhausted! Good thing it's only Saturday!

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