Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bikini Body Ready....or not so much

Our honeymoon is booked! Woot woot - oh yeah, it got two woots! We are going back to my homeland, MEXICO! Okay, so you might be thinking, "Um Caitlin, you are the whitest Mexican we know and aren't there a bunch of drugs and killings going on there??"

Well, yes, both observations are true. However, we still have 220 days until Mexico shapes itself up, and well most of that is in the inner part of the country, we are definitely staying on the beach. And for the other thing, yes I sometimes show more of my Irish side than I do my Mexican, but I do have a full fledged Mexican Bro-in-law, who will be giving Tony and I lessons before we go. In return, I might even change a poopy diaper for one of his kids. Sorry, two poopy diapers is pushing it.

And Tony and I already know this much: Gracias, Por Favor, Tengo mas cervesas!

While I'm very excited, and ready to be laying on a beach drinking a pina colada or two, reading one of my many books - the thought of being in a bikini scares the ba-jeezes out of me. Which is why I resorted to P90X - or as I like to refer it, px90. I'm still getting the lingo down.

After skipping a couple of sessions, one to walk Tyson on a gorgeous KC day, and the other to break out some sweet dance moves at the Black Eyed Pea concert, I thought it would be a good idea to do two workouts in one day. And since I have the day off, I have all the time in the world.

Ay, yi, yi. For one thing, I had to use my inhaler in the first warm-up. Sad. Then I had to press pause (although I kept saying it was because I was checking on Tyson). Sad. And then I didn't do the ab ripper. Dang. It might be a one piece for this girl.

So beware, I might not be able to pick up either of my legs or my arms this weekend. But I am proud to say that it's not only because I did two workouts, but also because I did some awesome fist pumping at the BEP concert - Jerzey Sho style. Sidenote - I did have some teasing bumps in the hair as well, so you could have called me Snickers.

I just hope I am not too sore to cheer on my Cats tonight as they play in the Sweet 16! Never I have I been more excited to watch basketball. Pumped I tell you.

So I'm off to probably eat something, but my little P90x voice, will be telling me I'll pay for it in Mexico while in a bikini. Oh well, Tony can deal - I mean the ring will already be on my finger!


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