Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You have how many people?

So last night, my mom and I went to meet with florist. Something I kind of have been dreading to do since the whole planning got started. I have been fine with everything else and kind of expected the prices to soar on account of how many people we have - not only in the wedding, but invited.

Side note, Tony and and I both got really excited when we were able to narrow down our list (granted my narrowing down consisted of combining babies with their parents).

But flowers make the ambiance, according to Kathy. So we met, and this florist was great! We both really like her and her ideas, and the fact that she wasn't pushy, but very helpful in deciding colors and options of flowers. Phew, done, easy as pie!

And then we add up the number of people.

Bridal bouquet, 10 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 groom boutonniere, 14 groomsmen/usher boutonniere, 3 fathers boutonnieres, 3 mother bouquets, grandmothers, grandfathers, attendants, readers, ring bearers, flower girl (yes, we have 3 ring bearers, but only 1 flower girl), and that, was just for the ceremony. We hadn't discussed the tables at the reception.

Oh vey.

So it was a little more than I expected. And well, then I go into, fairy princess bride moment, and think, "I need it, I have to have it, the wedding won't be great if I don't." Mind you, this is all in my head, and only for a split second.

But as I am my mother, also think, that's not bad, it's totally doable. Then we talk to the money man, my dad. His words, "Well go back to your budget, does it fit, can it work. If not, so sorry."

Of course, not in so many words, but you get the gist. I think he gets scared when my mom, sister and I go "shopping."

But I listened, as I don't want our little wedding to make anyone go broke. But it's a part of wedding planning, right, spending a little bit more than you expected? Ok, maybe not, that's just what people say they do. And by golly, I'm determined to get this budget taken care of!

Back to the drawing board, and talking to Tony. And gosh, why does he have to be so reasonable!!! I tell him how much they are, and of course, he starts talking about the budget, and not wanting to go over our budget. Ugh, reasonable, level headed. Boo.

But, he listens, I cry over stress (and PMS, yes, I used that excuse), and tell him I don't want to go broke, but want a nice wedding. Then he gets all level headed and starts telling me, "well we shouldn't have booked that photo booth without looking at prices for the flowers yet...." Let me tell you, not what I wanted to hear at that moment.

However, he understands that this is once in a lifetime for us, and he's already been fabulous about letting me have my wedding here and not on a beach, so he tells me it will be alright and we'll figure out a way to find good flowers and things and still not go broke.

See why I am marrying him?

If only I can convince him to let us save a bit more money....guess I should stop shopping as well.

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