Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pressure

And the word is out that I have a blog. Now there is so much pressure to write something funny, or quirky, or impressive and something I haven't talked about yet. Oh geez.

And I have nothing....this must be what writer's block feels like.

Well I will tell you that I feel like I got yelled at by the Deacon at church who organizes the wedding preparation classes. After finally calling the church and seeing what to do, I was directed to call or e-mail Deacon Charlie. Well I did, and this was the response I recieved:
"I need to meet with you and your fiance as soon as possible. Marriage preparation usually takes 6-9 months."

What? 6-9 MONTHS?? What happened with all of my other Catholic friends who got away with a weekend or a few weeks to prep for their life-long marriage? Is it because they were married in Kansas? Do Missouri Catholic need a longer prep time? Are they saying its harder to be a married person in Missouri?

Great. Tony is going to love to hear this.

But I wrote back to Deacon C. and told him I would call him immediately. And although I really wanted to say, "Well D.C., I was told that someone would call me after I registered to register with the church, and then again after I actually went to the registry."

However that might get me kicked out of the church and then we'd have to scramble to find a place to get married. Oh the tears that would happen with that situation.

So on to call Deacon Charlie, and hopefully he will see how easy going I am and know that Tony and I only need like two weeks to get prepped for our marriage. I mean, we are already on a good path - he keeps saying, whatever you want babe. Yep, he knows. A happy wife is a happy life.

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  1. 6-9 Months!!!!??? That is bogus. That is what you get for living in Missouri, you can never trust those people to get married!