Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Addicted to weight loss...books

I have a confession. I am addicted to weight loss/dieting/exercise books. I have a horrible habit of finding the newest trend to dieting and I end up buying the book. Examples: Abs Diet for Women, Skinny Girl by Bethenny Frankel (RHNY), Jillian Michaels Fat Cutting Machine.

I read them, take notes, maybe do one or two advice tips out of them, and then they sit on a shelf. Although I have loaned them out once or twice.

The latest book I bought: Body For Life. I even signed up for an online newsletter, printed out recipies and took notes to the gym with me to try and work out. And fail.

So Tony and I both decided that we want to look good at our wedding, my goal: to have some buff guns. Tony's: to have people see him and say "Damn, he looks good."
Either way, the countdown has begun. Tony has great will power, and he's lost weight on the South Beach Diet. Although I told him it make him super cranky the last time he did it, I thought, I can do it too. At least we will be crabby together. Love.

Well, let's just say my habit of getting excited about a new diet trick hit the cycle again. I did the first week great, the second week of no carbs, well lets just say that didn't happen so much. Fail. But we have 72 days until our engagement pictures, and I don't want to look back at them and hate what I look like. So it's on to the newest diet/exercise craze.

PX90. Yes, I am getting it delievered today and am so excited. I even had a room ready to go, okay well almost ready. But this time is different, I've looked at pictures of people online, their buff bods, knowing if they can do it, so can I. I have no choice - Tony's not going to be the only skinny one at the wedding! So wish me good luck, I'm probably going to need it!

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