Monday, March 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

Okay I'm sure for most people, well most brides, the decisions about the wedding are time consuming, and probably harder if you have an opinionated groom, mother, or bridesmaid. Well thankfully for me, I ignore all of those opinions. Just kidding, sometimes I listen to all of those people.

But I think the hardest decision for me is flowers. I mean the wedding site, done - its where my parents got married almost 36 years ago; reception site, done - we got a super great deal and we get to bring in everything, bonus; the wedding dress, done - my mom cried, I felt like the skinniest girl in the world and it went great with my shoes. But this whole flower thing, I mean, really they are just going to die, and be left on the tables and then just be that thing you held in the pictures.

However, they are important. And my mom does have an opinion. Well, maybe not an audible opinion to me, but let me tell you, her facial expressions do a lot of talking.

But I love my mom, and she has been great through this whole process. She was even so excited to go to the bridal show with me, which let me tell you, bridal Let's just say it's like flies surrounding a piece of food from a picnic. Brides are the food....and they even give you a sticker that says BRIDE. You have no hope to avoid any of the vendors.

Like all of the other posts, I digress. So far flowers and well the date actually have been the two hardest decisions. The date you ask? Yes, it was a week of tears, helplessness, and debating. Our original plan was to get married at the end of September. It was a two fold reason, 1. I enjoy fall weddings and 2. We are sweaters. Yes, we are both very hot people and sweat. And the last thing I wanted to do is be that sweaty bride at her own wedding. And since Tony is wearing a tux, I didn't think it was fair to him to have a wedding in the middle of a Kansas City summer.

(Side note - my love also wanted to get married in Mexico - funny, since he's a sweater. But I love him)

So it was a decision to move our wedding back a WHOLE month - to October so we could get the church I wanted and the reception site that will hold 400 people. Don't judge, we have big families, and we've been in a lot of weddings, and been to a lot of weddings.

Flowers and dates. The biggest decisions thus far. Hopefully there won't be a ton more of those hard decisions. Although Tony and I have not been to register yet. Let's just say that will be a whole other blog post.

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